Explore our wide range of chandeliers

Our collections cover variety of chandeliers. From brass chandeliers, plated with real gold, silver or chrome, to all-glass chandeliers decorated with crystal pendants. You can find one that suits you the best. 

Czech Crystal Chandelier - KVK 60/24

Featuring all-glass crystal decorated chandeliers with variety of pendant style options. 

Czech Brass Chandelier - MAD 1001

Featuring brass cast chandeliers that have been plated with real gold, silver or chrome. 

Classic Czech Chandelier - KV

Featuring chandeliers that use combination of light metal framing, strass decor and crystal pendants

Modern Czech Chandelier - MAD

Featuring chandeliers with more modern look. Less pendants and more attention to curves and esthetics.

Chandeliers variety - Madonna

Collection of chandeliers that do not fit into other groups.

Madonna Glass Collection

Collection of drinking glasses decorated with Madonna motive.