The beginning ....

The company was founded in 1989 by Ing. Hisham Watte and started as a network of small shops in Karlovy Vary. It specialized in sale of Bohemian Crystal and cut glass from prestigious Czech manufacturers. The huge demand for crystal chandeliers later led to the foundation of our own chandeliers production in the Crystal Valley - which is a region in the Czech Republic that gave birth to the world's most renowned Bohemia Crystal manufacturers. The name chosen for the new chandeliers production was "Madonna Chandeliers".

Madonna Crystal Centrum Karlovy Vary


Our company has now 30 years of experience and tradition in manufacturing and designing chandeliers. To this day, we have brought a warm light into thousands of homes and, with dedication, will continue to do so. 


"We gave our customers something that no one in our industry gave - gold and silver as standard"

- Hišam Watte

Hisham Watte Ing. Hišam Watte Founder of Madonna Chandeliers